My son’s got an eye condition – Michael Owen


Former Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester United and port striker, Michael Owen has discovered that his thirteen year old son, James Owen, suffers from a chronic condition and can ne’er be a footballer like he was.

Owen, talking about his son’s condition for the first time, has 3 daughters moreover with wife Louise.

”He can ne’er be a footballer. My son’s got an eye fixed condition,’ he said. ‘I’ve ne’er aforesaid this. I don’t desire a massive headline.

‘Clinically, he’s blind. He’s got Stargardt sickness, a degeneration of his tissue layer. I wont to go and watch him and bollock him regarding his positioning.

‘He can’t see the ball till it’s 5 yards away. the maximum time as each father needs their son to play, it’s nearly a relief to me.

‘Everyone continuously asks, “Is he about to be a footballer” so I stand on the facet of the pitch and listen to, ‘He’s not pretty much as good as his pop.’

‘I knew once I was seven I needed to be a footballer,’ he added. ‘I was to date sooner than everybody at eight, nine and ten that I knew i was going to be a footballer.

‘I’d attend college and grasp I could run rings around everybody else. If we contend soccer at playday, once I got to 12, 13, I wouldn’t even compete the embarrassment of being too sensible for them.’
Owen presently works as a TV initiate and simply discharged a brand new book on his life as a footballer.

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