How to prepare mpoto ede soup (cocoyam leaf soup)



  1. Mpoto leaf
  2. Cocoyam
  3. Palm oil
  4. Pepper (Blended)
  5. Crayfish (Blended)
  6. Egusi (Blended)
  7. Seasoning
  8. Protein ( Meat, Dry fish, and Stock fish)
  9. Salt to taste

Note: The cocoyam leaf used to prepare this soup is the one gotten from the specie of cocoyam used as thickner to prepare Bitterleaf soup, Oha soup etc

It is usually gotten during dry season when the leaf has become dry. Make sure that the leaf is very dry before you use it to cook. You can dry it in the sun for some days before using it.


Sqweeze the dried mpoto leaf and set aside

Wash and boil the cocoyam till very soft, remove the back and pound in a mortar.

Wash and steam the protein.

Add palm oil, the blended pepper and crayfish and allow to cook for 20min.

Add the cocoyam to the protein stock and cook until all the cocoyam has dissolved

Add the blended Egusi and seasoning.

Add salt to taste and allow for another 10min

Then add the mpoto leaf and allow for 5min

Serve with fufu, semi, garrison etc.


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