A theme park company, offers couples $600 to spend 30 hours in a coffin.


Six Flags, a theme park company, is reportedly providing couples $600 to spend thirty hours in a very coffin.

Fright Fest may be a spooky event thrown by the amusement park company to commemorate day and as a part of the annual tradition, Six Flags is continuous to raise customers to undertake chilling challenges.

According to Fox twenty nine city, for this year, Six Flags is doing a “30-Hour Couples Coffin Challenge”.

In previous years, the challenge had been individual tasks and this can be the first year the challenge has extended to couples.

However, there are rules. Contestants’ partners are solely allowed to accompany them within the coffin throughout park operation hours. once the park closes, contestants may have to be compelled to face the challenge alone.

“Well, not specifically alone, a number of our Fright Fest ghouls are lurking around in the darkness,” the event’s web site says.

No technology is allowed within the coffin together with smartphones, Apple watches, or headphones of any type. anyone who gets out of their coffin are mechanically disqualified, with the exception of selected lavatory and meal breaks.

Each rival will get a “Get Out of the Coffin Free Card” to use for 6 minutes at any purpose throughout the challenge.

In addition to outlay quite a whole day within the coffin, contestants will be needed to participate in alternative spooky challenges like giving birth in a very coffin lined in worms, going into a haunted house alone, and sticking out their hand in a very bucket to search out a selected item.

Asides the $600 prize, Six Flags is additionally providing the winning couple a try of gold season human the 2020 season and a Fright Fest prize package.

If quite one couple is left at the tip of the 30-hour challenge, “the remaining finalists can vie head-to-head with a spicy sauce sandwich consumption contest,” the official rules state. The person to eat the complete sandwich 1st can pull in the grand prize.

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