An American Airlines was forced to make an unscheduled landing after a passenger began smoking weed


An American Airlines jet was forced to create an unscheduled landing on Friday, Sep twenty once a traveler began smoking weed and became aggressive.

Flight 2408, going from Phoenix to Minneapolis, was amused an hour into the flight thanks to a troubled traveler.

According to TMZ, an hour into the flight the pilot went on the intercommunication system and aforesaid that they had to create an forced landing in Denver attributable to “a security issue within the back.” once the pilot’s announcement, passengers became anxious as they tried to work out what was happening.

According to the publication, a person with dreads, who caused the commotion, ran to the rear of the plane, into the toilet and barred the door. Flight attendants were involved and huddled round the toilet door, attempting to coax the guy out, to no avail.

The man reportedly stayed within the toilet for ten minutes and so, five minutes before the plane landed, he left the toilet and went back to his seat. He was terribly tense and, once the plane landed, cops and EMTs went aboard.

It’s at this time that the video below begins. the person pulls out a joint and a lighter and starts smoking. The pilot then came on the intercommunication system and asked passengers within the initial thirteen rows to urge off the plane, so that they might take away the person. As they get off, the person with dreads punches one of the passengers.

Denver Police tell TMZ that the person within the video wasn’t inactive. Police on the scene determined the problem was a lot of medical and also the unruly traveler was taken to a hospital.

His medical standing isn’t presently acknowledged.

There were no reported injuries to anyone on the plane and also the craft re-departed once the unruly traveler was launched.

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