Nicole Murphy ex-wife of Eddy Murphy was pictured in Italy kissing movie director, Antoine Fuqua.


Nicole Murphy has said that she regrets kissing married movie director, Antoine Fuqua.

Back in July, the mother of 5 and ex-wife of Eddy Murphy was pictured in Italy kissing Fuqua, who is married to Lela Rochon.

During an interview on “The Wendy Williams Show”  the model, 51, shared her facet of the story.

“It was a frozen in time factor. Trust me, I wish it didn’t happen,” Nicole told host Wendy Williams. “It was an instant where I should’ve thought a lot of through. created higher judgments… It’s one thing that I apologize for.”

“It happened that I was at the pool,  and we were on a unique timezone, I was having a tough time staying awake, I was drinking an espresso,” she side. “I regret it, and I apologize for it. and that i am a human being, it was an error.”

Murphy additionally claimed that an announcement discharged on her behalf after the kiss wasn’t from her and also said that she didn’t recognize Fuqua’s wife before the kiss.

“I don’t recognize her like that,” Nicole said. “We were family friends, I was at her wedding, in her wedding, kicking it at her house. It’s not true. None of that’s true.”

She side that “at the instant, i’ll have had a unique impression of things,” and same known as rumors that she broke up Fuqua and Rochon’s wedding “false.”

Murphy additionally sent a warning to different girls to “do their analysis.”

“This can happen to you,” she said.

The mother of 5 additional disclosed that she apologized to her family and Rochon’s family: “I’m lady enough to admit it had been an error. … I wish I could take it back, however I can’t.”

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