José José, best known as “the prince of song” dies at the age of 71.


Legendary latin singer, José José, best called “the patrician of song” has died at the age of seventy one.

The Mexican singer who was one in all the foremost widespread singers in Latin America died yesterday, Sep twenty eight, in the US after a protracted battle with pancreatic cancer..

José, whose real name was José Rómulo Sosa Ortiz, reportedly began to expertise vocal issues in 2000 and lost his voice many times, that left him unable to perform. In March 2017, he confirmed that he was hospitalized when losing weight, that discovered atiny low neoplasm in his duct gland.

Born in Mexico City in Feb 1948, José had his initial huge break in 1970, when he represented Mexico at the Latin Song competition II, the forerunner to the annual OTI competition. His song, “El Triste,” finished in third place to a recognition and was a large success in Mexico.

José sold tens of millions of albums around the world, as well as seven million units of his 1983 album “Secretos.”

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