President Barham Saleh appeals for a “halt to escalation and proposes a “national, and frank dialogue without foreign interference


Iraq’s president called on monday for a “halt to escalation” when widespread protests that killed dozens, as well as a long rally in east Baghdad within which the military admitted victimisation “excessive force”.
Demonstrations have rocked the capital and Iraq’s southern provinces since Tuesday, 1st hard to please reforms to fight corruption and state however ramping up to requires a complete overhaul of the country’s social group.

In a televised address, President Barham Saleh appealed for a “halt to escalation” and planned a “national, across-the-board and frank dialogue… while not foreign interference” to chart the way out of the crisis.

“There is not any legitimacy to any political method or system that doesn’t work to attain your demands,” Saleh aforesaid, addressing protesters.

The demonstrations are unexampled in Iraq owing to their apparent spontaneousness and independence during a deeply politicised society.

But they need conjointly been exceptionally deadly with quite one hundred folks killed and 6,000 wounded since Tuesday.

Witnesses have according that security forces used tear gas and live rounds whereas authorities defendant “unidentified snipers” of shooting at protesters and also the police.

Saleh aforesaid people who attacked demonstrators and security forces were “enemies of the people” and denounced weekend raids on native and regional media stations.

His statement came hours when Iraq’s military admitted victimisation “excessive force outside the foundations of engagement” against a protest within the east Baghdad district of Sadr City.

A long rally there deteriorated into clashes that left thirteen folks dead, in keeping with medics and security sources.

In videos distributed on social media, protesters can be seen ducking into streets laid low with burning tyres as volleys of shooting and suspected significant weapons were detected.

But by monday evening, in line with government orders, the military had been force out of Sadr town and some cops can be seen on the perimeters of the neighbourhood.


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