Cardi B expresses how she feels about God.


Cardi B looks to be having a sober reflection and she’s taken to Twitter to express how she feels regarding God.

The rapper who simply turned twenty seven, aforesaid she ne’er thinks she’s too huge for God, neither will she “take his name for granted “. She went on to elucidate why this is often thus and known as out those that say she brings up God to justify what she does.

She tweeted: “I can ne’er suppose I’m to huge for God .God is aware of my feelings,God is aware of my sensitivity,God is aware of my emotions,God is aware of my intentions .If I’m ever wrong I ask God forgiveness as a result of what i’d factor is correct maybe wrong, however I ask forgiveness to the LORD to not you!

“Hate when individuals say I point out God to justify what I do. No. I point out God as a result of he the one that is aware of how I actually feel .He’s the one that hears my prayers the one who is aware of what makes me happy , mad , hurt ,sad. He recognize My intentions and that I don’t take his name for granted.

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