Police asked the man who assaulted Bobrisky after bashing his car to buy him a new iPhone 11 max


The man that assaulted Bobrisky after bashing his automobile has shared his own facet of the story after being tracked down by Daddy Freeze.

Speaking to the Freeze at a phone shop, the man blamed the incident on Bobrisky’s unexpected use of his car’s brake. He additionally disclosed that his automobile’s bumper got spoilt as a results of the accident however nothing happened to Bobrisky’s car.

He claimed he told Bobrisky ‘sorry’ after the incident however he refused to move his automobile. He additionally said that he felt Bobrisky was a female that was why he was calm initially, however had to fight back when he took his phone. The man told Daddy Freeze that the police told him to shop for Bobrisky a brand new phone when his iPhone eleven max got broken in the fight.

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