Tyson Fury defeats Braun Strowman in a professional wrestling match in Saudi Arabia


Heavyweight boxer, Tyson Fury, on thursday night in Riyadh|national capital}, Saudi Arabia, marked his rassling debut with success over heavyweight WWE wrestler, Braun Strowman, backing up weeks of bragging and mouth-making by a people fighter.

Fury, who remains nursing an eye fixed injury sustained during his last fight with Otto Wallin, defeated Strowman with a mitt and won by count-out, when coming into the structure wearing native Arabian thobe and keffiyeh headgear.

In October, prizefighter Fury agreed to interact in a very financially appetising fight with Strowman when the wrestler nicknamed ‘monster among men’ provoked Fury while he was sitting in the crowd along with his family looking a WWE match Strowman was involved in. Fury promised to deal with Strowman after they meet in the ring and on thursday night delivered on his words by connecting with Strowman, who couldn’t build it into the ring in time before the referee’s 10-count complete.

Fury he’s currently set to face Deontay Wilder in February 2020 for the white cell heavyweight title as long as Wilder doesn’t lose to Luis Ortiz later in November.

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