God is saying am spicing up your blessings


some years ago, I was about to prepare dinner for my family, when I took out a fresh chicken from the freezer.

Suddenly my one year old son who stood by watching, started crying and demanding that I give him the chicken to eat. He loves chicken alot. So I Kept trying to tell him in my own way that the chicken was raw, I needed to spice it up, cook and then take out the bones so it can be ready for consumption, but my baby wouldn’t bulge but chose to cry louder and even fell to the ground and no one was able to comfort him.

I decided to ignore him, went ahead to do what was right and when it was ready, he had his chicken and didn’t even remember all the drama he had put up.

But the Holy Spirit ministered to me that this is how many of us cry for a blessing that is not yet ready. God is saying am spicing it up, cooking it and taking out the bones so you don’t get choked.

If only my little boy knew, he would have waited patiently instead of being anxious. (Phil.4:6) God is saying to someone here that you should be anxious for nothing, Be still and know that I am God I am spicing up that blessing so you will enjoy to the fullest.

Wait on the Lord! (Is.40:31) Like Job said..All the days of my appointed time will I wait till my change comes. (Job 14:14)

Change is coming, Help is on the way.

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