CEO of Instagram declares that the App will begin concealing “like” counts on users’ posts in the U.S. from next week.


Adam Mosseri, the chief executive officer of Instagram has declared the App will begin concealing “like” counts on users’ posts within the U.S. from next week.

Mosseri made the announcement at the WIRED25 conference in metropolis on Friday, November 9, 2019.

“We can build selections that hurt the business if they assist people’s well-being and health,” Mosseri aforementioned on stage at the event, Wired’s Adrienne therefore rumored.

According to therefore, Instagram can hide like counts just for bound users within the U.S.. It’s a part of a check that the corporate has already begun in another countries because it responds to critics and tries to form a ” less pressured setting ” on the platform.

The check that initial started in Canada has additionally been done in Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand. Facebook is additionally running a check of concealing like counts in Australia.

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