12-year-old Nigerian boy wins award for discovering a new Mathematics formula


A 12-year-old Nigerian boy, Chika Ofili has been awarded the TruLittle Hero award for locating a brand new formula to divide in arithmetic.

Chika’s mathematics teacher, Miss Mary Ellis who is additionally the pinnacle of the department of mathematics at borough underneath college aforesaid he (Chika) discovered the new formula whereas finding a vacation assignment.

She said that she gave Chika a book known as 1st Steps for problem Solvers (published by the UKMT) to review throughout the vacations. The book had many quality tests that are accustomed quickly total whether or not variety is precisely dissociative by either a pair of, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, eight or nine before you begin dividing, however had no simple or unforgettable check listed for checking quality by seven.

Chika but resolved this and conjointly had an algebraic proof to back it up. His new formula involves taking the last digit of any number, multiplying it by five and so adding it to the remaining a part of the amount to urge a brand new number. If this new range is divisible by seven, then the first range is divisible by seven.

See test below

12-year-old Nigerian boy wins Special Recognition award for discovering a new Mathematics formula

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