WHO announces plans to test a mosquito sterilisation technique aimed at containing the spread of diseases


World Health Organisation (WHO) has proclaimed plans to check a mosquito sterilisation technique aimed toward containing the unfold of diseases like infectious disease, chikungunya and Zika.

The Sterile Insect Technique, a style of “birth control” for mosquitoes and different deadly insects, has been wont to tackle invasive pests within the past. it absolutely was 1st developed by the us Department of Agriculture and has been used with success to focus on insects that attack crops and eutherian mammal, particularly the Mediterranean two-winged insects and also the New World screwworm fly. it’s currently being employed across the planet to spice up agriculture.

The world organization health agency said it had recently ascertained that the technique might prove winning in dominant some species of mosquitoes from spreading diseases amongst humans.

“The method involves rearing massive quantities of sterilised male mosquitoes in dedicated facilities, then cathartic them to mate with females within the wild. As they are not producing any offspring, the insect population declines over time” WHO said in the Nov fourteen announcement.

The International nuclear energy Agency (IAEA) and also the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) have partnered with WHO to develop a pilot programme for countries curious about using the technique to check the impact on sickness transmission.

Malaria, dengue, Zika, chikungunya and different connected fevers account for regarding seventeen per cent of all infectious diseases globally, WHO said, claiming over 700,000 lives yearly with so much bigger variety suffering infections.

WHO said it’s become necessary to search out a long-lasting answer to reducing or eradicating mosquitoes as sickness vendors as 1/2 the planet population is in danger of infectious disease. “Half the world’s population is currently in danger of infectious disease,” Soumya Swaminathan, WHO chief human, said during the announcement. “And despite our greatest efforts, current efforts to regulate it are falling short.” “We urgently want new approaches and this initiative is each promising and exciting,” the official intercalary.

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