Working with fremantle is absolute nightmare – Orlando Jones


Fremantle Media is under scrutiny after claims surfaced from two stars who worked for the production company.

In a video posted to his Instagram, Orlando Jones claims he was fired from the Starz series “American Gods” in September, before production began on Season 3, and asserted executive producer  Charles Eglee thought Jones’ character, Mr. Nancy, sent the “wrong message for black America.”

“This white man sits in that decision-making chair,” the African-American actor and comedian added.

In a later post, Jones likened his exit to other headline-making departures.

“Just like Gabrielle Union, Mel B, Nick Cannon, Heidi Klum have all said working with @fremantle is absolute nightmare,” he wrote.

In November, Gabrielle Union’s controversial departure from “America’s Got Talent” was revealed.

Variety reported that a culture of toxic, racist jokes and “excessive notes” about physical appearance permeated the show before the decision not to renew Union’s and fellow freshman judge Julianne Hough’s contracts was made.

Union’s exit prompted the actors’ union SAG-AFTRA to investigate. On Dec. 4, Union announced on Twitter that she had a “productive meeting” with NBC during a “lengthy five-hour” chat.

SAG-AFTRA announced Friday that it’s expanding its investigation to includes Jones’ dismissal.

“After initial meetings with Gabrielle Union and her representatives about her experiences on America’s Got Talent, and after learning more about Orlando Jones’s experience on American Gods, SAG-AFTRA is expanding its investigation of Fremantle Media,” the statement read.  “Our enforcement actions are handled confidentially to protect the members involved, and we typically do not publicize these matters unless the affected members request that we do so.”


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