Glitter Makeup


Under usual circumstances, one might see glitter as purely seasonal, its reign at a single New Year’s Eve party making it as long term an investment as a novelty reindeer jumper. But this year is different. Many designers showed glittery eyes on the catwalks and then did the unthinkable – they carried them through to 2020.

It seems we will still be sparkling come summer, so buy quality, now, and stick with it: it’s less wasteful. And while the glitter of recent years involved six eyeshadows, architectural brows, feline flicks, four brushes and a pair of falsies (thanks Instagram), the modern sparkle is easy. No complex blending – just as little or as much as you fancy, pushed into moisturised eyelids and beneath the lower lashline. Armani showed the merest scattering of chunky sparkles placed haphazardly with zero regard for symmetry, while Fendi’s silver glitter looked as though it had been applied while drunk and then left on for the hangover. Just one product and mascara will do the lot.

Glossier’s Glitter Gelée, £12, must surely be the easiest glitter going. Flakes of rosy or greeny gold, holographic white or gunmetal, suspended in a sticky gel that doesn’t dull the shine, and can be applied anywhere with fingertips. I love it worn with a light, glowy base, a little cream blush and glossy lips (also back, more on that soon); the point here is to look effortless.

If you’d like a denser, more impactful sparkle (a la Halpern and Valentino), there’s no greater glitter shadow than Stila’s Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow (£23). All eight shades are wearable (no tweenage neons here), but my favourites are Smoky Storm, a chic, mushroomy taupe with lush golden flecks that looks great on all colourings and ages (don’t think that older eyes can’t take glitter: it’s frost that’s ageing, not sparkle); and Molten Midnight, a grimy, rock’n’roll black. Just swish on like a lipgloss for the eye and press in, layering up at will.

NYX Glitter Goals Liquid Eyeshadow (£8) is a good dupe in more adventurous colourways that doubles as a liner. Which is how I’ll be doing glitter this new year and beyond; otherwise I’ll go for bare lids, red lips, and a swoosh of Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner (£17) the finest glitter eyeliner in the world, ever.

All are cruelty free. And remember to lift glitter with oil‑based remover, then put in the bin, not down the plughole.


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