Career Choice


Choosing a career is a very big problem, but a lot of people don’t know that. They think it is just to say I want to be this or that when I grow up and that’s it. Many people have a problem with choosing careers for themselves.

Most times we don’t end up becoming what we want to become in the future and they are many reasons for that.

Some of the factors are:

Peer influence: wanting to become something simply because your best wants to become that in the future.

Parental influence: some parents like to choose careers for their children, a father who is a medical doctor wants his son or daughter to also be a medical doctor for reasons best known to them. For some, it may be that he wants someone to manage his hospital or business, so he forces one of his children to study a course which he has chosen for him without caring to find out if that is what the child really wants or if he is capable of doing that course.

I know a man whose parents forced to study medicine, and what he really wanted to study was banking and finance. So he went to school and studied the course quite alright, but he graduated, he gave the certificate to his father and went back to school to study the course of his dreams, today he is doing very well.

Before you decide to choose a career for your child, if you must do so, you have to find out what that child is capable of doing. Some people are good at science while some are good at art. You can’t force a child who is good at the art to go into the science field. That child will definitely not do well in that area.

Societal influence: These days, people read courses based on available jobs in the market. Someone who wants to study banking, for instance, will be like; these days they are no jobs in the banking sector, so let me go for agriculture where I can find a job when I graduate.

University influence: at times, the university may force to do a course that you don’t want to do, maybe because you didn’t meet up with their criteria for the course which you want to do.

Growing up, I had always wanted to study industrial chemistry, because I loved chemistry. But I didn’t have the opportunity to study the course because I didn’t meet up with the requirements needed to study the course. So I had to study another course. So in conclusion, I didn’t end up becoming an industrial chemist.

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