finding your unique opportunity


They are unique opportunities everywhere in the world. In Nigeria, people used to say that Lagos is a land of opportunities.

People have this belief that getting opportunities in Lagos is as easy as ABC. While some other sets of people believe that the only place to find a unique opportunity is in the city, or overseas.

Well, that maybe true in a way and for some people. But that wasn’t the case with me. I got my unique opportunity in a place very far away from the city.

I got an opportunity to learn and build a website in a remote area. In that same place, I met someone who introduced me to, famzhi investment, food at your door step, Thrive Agric, Farm Crowdy, etc.

But I never got all these opportunities throughout my stay in the city. Anywhere you find yourself, just try to make good use of the opportunities that come your way. Secondly, ask God to bring the kind of opportunities that you need or that will take you to another level in life.

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