The power of writing down your Goals


Just like the bible says there’s power in spoken words. There’s also power in writing down your goals. No wonder the bible says in Habakkuk 2:2 – And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.

Anything you want to do always make sure that you write it down.

In 2017, I wrote this down;

1.Write down inspirational topics.

2. Research them

3. Do a video speech. Take them to places I want to advertise. Eg restaurant, hotels,
beaches, shops, etc. tell them I want to advertise their businesses for free.

4. Upload on YouTube.

5. Create a Blog site and write on the following Topics


1. Living in a world of uncertainty

2. Building a successful business.

3. Building a successful relationship.

4. How to live in a country where nothing seems to work

5. Living in a crazy world.

6. Paying attention. Listen more and talk less. Four things to make you rich (when
someone speaks to u, u must always stop and think, keep what u have, do not cry for
what u can’t have, inside my body, there’s gold as big as ur palm).

7. Learn to control your temper.

8. Stubbornness leads to destruction etc.

Then in 2018, I wrote this;

Things to achieve in 2019:

1. Web design

2. E-Commerce

3. Photoshop

My vision for 2019/2020

Create a community site. Then I started researching how to achieve all of this.
And in March 2019, I achieved 70% of the things I wrote down. And God provided an avenue for me to achieve all of them, but it’s due to lack of time that I haven’t been able to achieve the rest.

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