How to prepare Onunu


Onunu is an interesting delicacy from River State . It is mainly made up of boiled pounded yam and overripe plantain together with palm oil and salt. Added pepper is optional. This delicacy is usually paired with fresh fish pepper soup and some persons prefers it with stew or sauce

How do you like your onunu??? . With pepper soup?? Or With peppered stew ?? or with both?? Let’s have some fun.

Recipe:- FOR ONUNU
Overripe plantain
Palm oil
Pepper ( optional )- didn’t add because I have pepper in my pepper soup.

For sweet tooths, your plantain should be more than yam.

Peel and set yam on heat to boil. Wash and Cut plantain into four with its back peel . Add the plantain to the already boiling yam to cook together. ( I usually add the plantain when the yam is half way cooked). Make sure they’re both properly cooked before you turn down the heat and drain off water.

In a mortar ( I love using mortar), add your yam first and pound until no lumps, peel and add the cooked plantain and also pound to smoothness. Add salt while pounding then gradually introduce your palm oil and mix properly with the aid of the pestle ( when you add oil, don’t pound just mix. You don’t want your oil splashing all over the place). When proper mixed, you can then pound for proper mixture.

If you add both yam and plantain together you may end up with lumpy dough. Pound your yam first


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