How to prepare Spinach soup


How to prepare vegetable soup using only spinach leaves


Spinach ( you can use any other vegetables of your choice, if you can’t find spinach)
Assorted meat( goat meat, beef and ox tail, I used some piece of chicken as well)
Onions, fresh pepper, garlic and ginger( thus is for cooking for meat)
Kpanla fish
Palm oil
Crayfish – ground
Dry pepper- ground
Dawa dawa ( you can use iru if you prefer that)
Salt to taste

Cook your meat to the taste, making sure the meat stock is remaining a little because vegetable soup doesn’t need a lot of water. If the meat is done but you still have plenty stock, You can reduce it and use it to cook something else.

Wash your spinach thoroughly before slicing, once done pour the sliced veggies inside a pot, cover and steam for 2- 3mins. Once done, transfer it to a strainer, pour some cold water and squeeze out the water then set outside. But if you love your soup watery, skip this method. Just wash, cut and use the spinach like that without steaming first.

By now the meat should be properly cooked, add enough oil, vegetable soup needs some amount of oil, stir and allow to cook for 2 mins then add your grounded crayfish, dried pepper and dawadawa and mix thoroughly add the dry fish then cover to cook for about 5 mins.

After 5 mins, add already steamed spinach, mix thoroughly, you can add small amount of the meat stock or some water if you think is too thick for you then cover to cook for 2 mins.

2mins later your spinach veggies is ready to be served with eba, pounded/poundo yam or akpu, you can also eat only the soup like that.


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