Nigerian Flour soup with Hot leaf (Uzizi leaf)



Beef meat, Goat meat or Fresh fish

Onion for seasoning protein

Salt to taste

Maggi/seasoning cube



Pepper soup spices

Flour for thickening

Wash and season the meat,  and cook till it’s done.

Add pepper soup spices same time as every other seasonings.

Add more water if the meat stock is too little and bring to boil.

In a bowl add 2 full tablespoons of all purpose flour add little water and make a paste(Not too runny and not too thick).

Add it bit by bit while u stir instantly as you add else it will form a lump.

Taste for salt and add more if need be.

Cook for extra 3mins and take it down.

Now make urself ur favourite swallow and serve.

Note:Vegetable isn’t mandatory but feel free to add uziza leaf or any..

Image may contain: food, possible text that says 'princessij'
Image may contain: food, possible text that says 'princessij'
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