fulfilling your destiny


Nothing destroys destiny like mentality.

John 14:12

Until you change the way you think, it will be impossible to change the way you live.

You cannot control things by what you know, until what you know controls you.

Unveiling our breaking limit heritage through the word.

James 1:22-25

1. You are redeemed to be fruitful.

Psalm 128:1

If you fear God, it shall be well with you.

2. You are redeemed a lively stone to command dominion.

3. You are redeemed an ambassador of christ to command dignity.

4. You are redeemed as a seed of Abraham for generational blessings.

Gen 22:17-18

How to access God’s plan

1. You must be completely born again.

2. You must continue to walk in the spirit.

Matt7:11, proverb 4:18

What to do to actualize your glorious destiny

1. Remain in love with God.

2. Be committed to kingdoms advancement.

3. Beware of pride. Be humble

4. Believe in God and his prophets and things will work for you

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