How to Preserve fresh Tomatoes for up to six months


Fresh tomatoes is a seasonal vegetable. It’s usually very cheap during its season and expensive when it’s out of season.

So for you to preserve it, you will need the following items.

1. Blender

2. Sieve

3. Pot

4. Vegetable oil

5. Salt

6. Burner

Now we all know that salt is a very good preservative.

What to do:

Blend or chop the fresh tomatoes and sieve the water.

Put the pot on the burner and allow to dry if it’s wet.

Pour some quantity of vegetable oil and allow for about 10 seconds on a low heat.

Then add the sieved tomatoes and fry till very dry.

Bring down and allow to cool.

Pour into an air tight container and add some salt and more vegetable oil.

Finally, store in a cool dry place.

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