Places to invest your money in 2020


1. Famzhi interbiz ltd: Famzhi Interbiz Limited is a reputable fast-emerging conglomerate with well-motivated investors across the globe. They develop and manager diversified farmland portfolios for investors with top-notch excellence, simplicity and transparency.  They are about six companies that make up Famzhi.

Capital and Investment: Famzhi Agro Capital and Investment is one of the world largest growing farms with special focus on the fishery, poultry, sanely and animal husbandry

Security outlet: Famzhi Guards is duly registered to offer intense security to all members of the public (schools, estates, hospitals, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, banks, residence, public and private companies etc) at affordable rates. A 10% profit on the annual sum paid is earned by individuals who connect Famzhi Guards with beats for the company.

Factory and Foods: Famzhi operates production of the following items and opens an avenue for distributors from all around Nigeria, home delivery for all products also available:

– Water
– Ice cream
– Sugar
– Salt
– Sweets
– Bread
– Snacks
– fish and chicken fillets

Mall: Famzhi mall offers ease for purchase of all FAMZHI edibles in her one-stop-shop at affordable prices. You may wish to purchase your goods online via their website. They also offer home deliveries of goods at a giveaway price.

Real Estate: They are also into real estate business.

Microfinance Bank:

1. LOANS: Investors could transfer shares from investment to form part of the loan being applied for (not more than 70% of investment shares) at no interest.

2. TRANSACTIONAL SOLUTIONS: offers all savings and transfer transactions

3. INSURANCE: offers strictly Islamic insurance for the insurance been cover, the premium will be paid by the insured and refund at an agreed percentage is made at the end of the year if no intentional loss occurs.

You can visit their website for more info – (

2. Food at your door: Food at your door is a unique cooperative providing one-on-one agricultural coaching and support to their members and directly providing for their basic Food requirements through their Food at Your Door programme.

You can visit their website for more info

3.Thrive Agric: This also is another good place to invest. You can visit their website here for more info.

4. Farm crowdy: Visit website here for more info

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