Ways to grow your business and increase your earnings in 2020.


Below are the ways which you can grow your business and increase your earnings in Nigeria in this year 2020.

1. Advertise on social media: To grow your business, you need to advertise your business on social media like facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram etc.

2. Invest in other companies : I know this sounds crazy, but it really does work. You can do this by buying shares from the company or register as an investor. Read post on places to invest your money.

3. Include cash back in your business: You can register with any of the banks for this. Banks this days offer people the opportunity of making extra cash especially for those in rural areas. Or people who live very far away from where banks are located. Agent banking is a channel used to bring financial services closer to the unbanked and underbanked segment of the society by empowering existing businesses within the communities to deliver these services.


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