How to prepare Ndudu ( Red Kidney Beans)


Kidney beans is very nutritious and medicinal too. It has so many health benefits one of which is to reduce the sugar level in our body.

Traditional health experts believe that the water gotten from the beans after you parboil it can be used to reduce sugar level in the body.

Ingredients :

Kidney beans

Palm fruit

Dry fish







Procedures :

Boil beans for about 30 min, sieve and then pour the water out into a container and set aside.


Then cook the beans till it becomes soft, and set aside.

Cook the palm fruit for about 20-30 min

Bring it down, put the cooked palm fruit into a mortar and pound. If you do not have a mortar, you can mash it. Remember to sieve the water out before pounding.

Add a little water to the pounded palm fruit and wash to extract some palm oil.

Throw away the palm fruit and its chaff.

Then put the extracted palm oil together with the water, and allow it to boil for about 10 min.

Add all the ingredients ( pepper, onions, crayfish, seasoning, the dry fish and salt to taste.)

Allow to boil for 5 min, add the beans.

Finally add the Ugba and cook till done.

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