The Nigeria Jail System. A Hell of a Place.


One of the best thing to do for your self in Nigeria is to stay out of trouble. One of the worst things that may happen to an individual is to be despatched to jail in Nigeria.

Jail in Nigeria is midway home to hell. Most Governor’s don’t signal the loss of life warrant anymore.

However, nonetheless, Nigerian prisons are like Nazi focus camps. The meals are calamitous, healthcare is none existent. I’ve seen a prisoner holding his eyeball in his hand, it was nonetheless connected to his eye socket by a tendril. Somebody used a spoon to scoop out his eyeball in a struggle. The nurse was off duty. No one cared, so he died.

I had a client who was remanded in jail. He was HIV positive and didn’t inform me. Perhaps that may have been additional grounds for bail. He couldn’t take his medication and he relapsed. Earlier than I might attempt to get him out it was too late, he died.

The meals given to prisoners isn’t fit to be eaten, even animals shouldn’t be made to eat such garbage. In the meantime, large sums of cash have been budgeted for feeding prisoners.

Keep away from trouble. Anything that can make you leave the police station, by all means, do it.

Police will certainly ask for huge cash, you probably have it and you believe you studied your case isn’t very strong kill the matter there. Even when you suppose you’ve gotten a superb case, that is Nigeria.

In case your lawyer is shouting,

“We’ll meet in the courtroom!” in the Police station inform him to settle down. It’s your case, not his. Using “we,” is merely figurative. He is not going to stand within the accused field with you. Bear in mind, it’s not what you understand that matters in the courtroom, it’s what you may show. Moreover, that is Nigeria.

Generally, it’s good to let some issues go.

I don’t imply that it’s best to flip to everybody’s foot mat, but if you’re going to take up a problem, make sure you are innocent. Keep away from problems. If persons are beating up a thief don’t be a part of it, and even stand and watch, even if it’s your property that was stolen.

If somebody comes with adverse gossip about some other individual, don’t say anything. If you speak, it’s what you said that will eventually get to the individual’s ears.

Lastly, bear in mind to maintain your anger and ego in a test, the world doesn’t revolve around you, it revolves around the sun.

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