Your stardom heritage is in the word of God


Where you are today, is the result of the choice that you made yesterday.

Joshua 1:8

Your stardom heritage is in the word of God.

The word of God is a spiritual package that contains our goodly heritage.

Psalm 16:6

What is the breaking limit heritage in the word for our star to rise?

James 1: 23

1. Don’t be a forgetful hearer. Be a doer for the star in you to rise.

2. You are not a failure: God is a success, he is not a failure, so you have no failure gene in your blood.

A mistake is not equal to failure.

Proverbs 24:16

Mistakes and challenges are part of our experiences to our journey to stardom and greatness.

Mistakes can be corrected.

3. You are redeemed to be far above all principality and powers.

Ephesians 2:6, Ephesians 1:20-21

No devil has the power to oppress you. Nothing should move you except the word of God.

4. You are redeemed to command supernatural breakthrough. Don’t ever settle for defeat. Be determined to succeed, because you are born to succeed. Breakthrough is not a product of a certificate. It all about your knowledge in the word of God.

5. You are redeemed a god in the life of men. John 10:34-35

You are challenged in any area because you have not been made a god in that area.

You are a servant to anything which you have no control over. You are supposed to be in charge of your life and destiny.

How to have access to God’s plan in your life;

1. You must Posses a meek spirit.

2. You must continue to seek God’s word.

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