How to prepare moimoi ( Bean pudding)


Items needed for this lovely meal are;



Nylon, moimoi leaves, or moimoi plates ( The plates can either be plastic or aluminium).




Beans 4 cups

Pepper ( blended)

Crayfish ( blended)

Seasoning 2 cubes

Onions 1 ball

Salt to taste

Fish or eggs is optional

Vegetable oil


Put beans in a sieve to remove sand.

Put beans in a basin, add a little water and massage to remove skin.

Then add plenty water so that the chaff can float.

Separate chaff from the main beans by pouring it into a sieve.

Repeat the process until the chaff is completely out.

Pour beans into a grinder and grind together with onions.

Add pepper, crayfish, seasoning, and water. Stir and then add salt to taste.


Finally add the vegetable oil and stir.

Tie in a leaf, nylon or pour into moimoi plates.

Cook for 50 minutes.

Serve with pap, custard or drink.

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