Ways to keep your dream job


Getting a job is one thing and being able to keep that job is another thing. The places you work, the location, the person(s), you work for and the people you work with matters a lot. Because they will determine the kind of experiences that you will get at the end of the day.

What are my reasons for saying these? When I left school, the first place that I worked was in Port Harcourt, I discovered after I got a job in Lagos and Anambra, that it’s not the same at all. The way people see things in Port Harcourt is not the way people see things in Lagos and Anambra and so on. So, I realized that the employers in Lagos are very tough and strict. People used to say that if you can survive in Lagos, then you can survive anywhere. That saying is very true. Back to the reason for this article.

Working principles is the same everywhere if you can just abide by 80% of working principles, then you will be fine.

Before I tell you how to keep your job, I am going to share a few of my work experiences, because it was through those experiences that I was able to come up with this article. I have worked for people and people have also worked for me. It’s not always easy to work for people after tasting the Boss position. So, for you to survive, you have to make up your mind about it.

Based on my Port Harcourt experience, I will say that it’s much easier to cope with bosses in PH than in Lagos. The CEOS, Managers, etc. in PH are easy going people. But in Lagos, its a different ball game. To cut the long story short;

Below are the ways to keep your dream job:

Always be punctual to work.

Always finish your work before the deadline.

Be polite.

Be friends with everybody.

Learn to mind your business.

Avoid gossip.

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Avoid anything that will get into trouble.

Be diligent in your work.

Avoid eye service.

Learn to be tolerant.

Be patient.

Finally, be in control of your emotions.

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