How to produce Cassava fufu ( Akpu, santana, loi-loi, packet shirt) from scratch


Cassava fufu also referred to as Akpu or Santana or Loi loi or Packet shirt, is a meal made from fermented cassava.

Many people do not like it because of the smell. But people who like it say it’s more filling than any other swallow.

Some people refer to it as six to six, meaning that it can carry you for a long time, before you feel hungry again.

Below is how you can make Akpu from scratch

Get a basin or a basket of cassava.

Peel and wash the cassava.

Put them in a bucket with cover, add water and make sure it covers the cassava. Then cover the bucket and allow for about four to five days to ferment.

fill a basin with water, put a plastic basket inside, put some of the fermented cassava and wash till it’s remaining the chaff.

Throw away the chaff and repeat the process until the fermented cassava is finished.

Pour into a bag and allow for 24 hours for the water in the bag to drain

finally,Pour into a bucket and store in a cool dry place.

Your Akpu is now ready to be cooked.


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