How to buy tiles in Nigeria to avoid being cheated


If you want to buy tiles in Nigeria, you need to follow these simple steps to avoid being cheated. And also to avoid buying more than what you need.

I. Know the size of the room. If you know the size of the room, you will know the number of tiles to buy. A standard room in Nigeria is 12 by 12.

2. Know the square meter. A standard room of 12 by 12 is approximately 15 square meters.

3. Know the different makes. There are different types and makes of tiles. There are high and low-quality tiles, and we also have made in Nigeria tiles, made in China, made in Italy, made in Spain, etc. These foreign tiles are very expensive, so if you can’t afford them, then you should go for the Nigerian ones.

4. Find out the amount for 1 square meter. 1 square meter is eleven pieces and it goes for about N1,400 and one carton goes for about N2,200. This is for the floor tiles. While the wall tiles, 1 square meter is 10 in number, and it’s sold for about N1,300 while one carton of it it goes for N1,900.

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