What you need to build your toilet and bathroom in Nigeria


If you live in a family compound where you all share the same toilet and bathroom, it can be frustrating if you have to get to work early or you have an appointment, or a meeting to attend, and maybe you accidentally overslept, then you rush to the bathroom to have your bath and discover that someone is already inside.

You have no choice other than to wait for the person to come out. So to avoid this kind of problems, it always better to build your toilet and bathroom.

It’s ok if you are not ready yet to build your own house, but you can build your toilet and bathroom. It not as expensive as you think. Just ask your father, uncle, brother or whoever is in charge of the compound to show you  where to build your toilet and bathroom. Another alternative is to restructure your apartment, if you have
enough space, you can get an architect to redesign it for you and make a space where you can have your toilet and bathroom.

The things you need are:

1. Tiles ( link to how to buy tiles)

2. Water cistern

3. Pvc pipes

4. Oil paints.

5. Seat cover

6. Elbow

7. Sand

8. Cement

9. Labour

All of the above is not more than 50k. So with less than 100k, you can comfortably build your toilet and bathroom.

See the price of tiles here

Water cistern is sold for 25k if you are buying the complete set. That is; the wash hand basin, the sitter and the tank. While the one without the wash hand basin is sold for 11,800.

There’s what we call the palm connector, it goes with the water cistern.

Pvc pipes are of different sizes;

1″ = N1550

2″ = N1300

3″= N1200

4″ = N1400, N1500, N1700 ( The price difference depends on the company)

6″ = N3,200

Finally, the 4ltr oil paints is sold for about N3,500, while 20ltr is sold for about N10,000

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