Nine Secrets behind every successful business


Every business has its secrets, no doubt about that. But some secrets are common to every business.

1. Love what you do: Never do a business that you are not passionate about. ( Read the post on setting up a business). Do not do business because Mr. A and Mr. B are successful in the business.

That may be what they are destined to do. So even when they are facing challenges which you may not be aware of, they are still able to move on.

But if it’s not what you are passionate about, when the challenges come, you may not be able to stand it.

2. Be consistent: just keep at what you are doing, every business has its ups and downs, but the consistent ones are the ones that succeed.

3. Be punctual: You must be punctual at your business place. The problem with many business owners is that they feel they can resume whenever they like since there’s nobody to query them.

Such businesses don’t last because after sometime, you will start losing your customers.

4. Gain your customers Trust: if your customers trust you, they will not just come back, they will also advertise your business for you.

Don’t ever cheat your customers, the moment they find out that you have been cheating them, that is the end. They will spread the news around, and you that bad news spread faster than good news.

5. Treat your customers well: Customer satisfaction is the key secret to a successful business.

Everybody likes to be treated well. Even, if you go to a place where you were not treated well, I doubt if you will want to go back there. If you treat your customers well, they will always come back.

6. Be committed: You have to be committed to what you are doing to be successful. ( Read the post on entrepreneurship skills).

7. Be polite to your customers: Don’t ever make the mistake of being rude to your customers, not even when they are rude to you. Learn to be polite to them. That will make them always come back.

8. Have good communication skills: As a business owner, you need to learn how to advertise your products to your customers. If they are requesting for what you don’t have.

You can always introduce them to something similar to what they are looking for which you have, and can also serve the same purpose or even better. ( see entrepreneurship skills)

9. Always have what they need: Make sure that at every point in time, you always have what your customers need.

Try as much as you can to never run out of stock. If every time your customers come to ask for one thing or the other, and every time you tell them it’s finished, after some time, they will lose confidence in you.

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