Unveiling the secrets that will cause your star to shine


2 corinthians 3:18

There are stars, and there are certain stars. All stars at not the same. Some stars shine and fade, while some stars shine forever.

Daniel 12:3

Eccles 3:14

The word of God is light that confers dominion for us in the world of darkness.

Isaiah 60:1

How much you know determines how far you go.

Joshua 1:8

What is in the word for our breaking limit?

The word of God is a weapon of war that never returns defeated.


The word of God is a solution bank, it can solve any human problem.

John 2:5

Jeremiah 1:1

What is exemption?

Exemption means;

To be immune from every wickedness and wicked people

To be free from the attack of the enemy.

To be non subject to the oppression of the devil.

Exodus 8

How to exercise your exemption right.

You must be born again.

You must walk in the light of the word.

You must engage in covenant kingdom endeavours.

You must keep the love of God in your heart.

And finally, You must always express your gratitude to God.

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