Breaking generational curses


Curses are real. Zachariah 1:18-2. It takes violent faith to be delivered from curses. 1Tim 6:12


Faith is a mystery that cannot be explained by natural words. 1 Tim 3:9

Faith is a spiritual force. It is not a gentle force, it is a violent force. Mark 2:5

Life will never give you what you wish for, but what you are prepared to fight for.

They are giants in everyone’s breakthrough. Genesis 49:8-9

We have what it takes to succeed in life.

The wine that we must take to succeed in life are:

  1. The holy ghost wine.
  2. The revelation wine: This helps you to see what God is saying concerning your life.

Characteristics of violent faith

  1. Violent faith is fearless
  2. It is unbending, unyielding, unshakable etc

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