I got google adsense approval in less than 3 months as a new blogger


It all started like a joke. The idea of blogging came to my mind in 2017, but I wasn’t ready then coupled with work and all.

Sometime in 2018, I got a job somewhere in a very small city, I couldn’t get an accommodation, so I moved in with a family friend.

Now, cooking happens to be one of my hobbies, and I am a very good cook. So one day, as usual I prepared one very delicious meal, and after my family friend’s son finished eating it, he called me chief chef. And then we got engaged in a discussion, one thing led to another and bum!!! We landed on blogging.

It was that discussion that got me where I am today. Because he was once into blogging himself, he gave me some tips on how to start and that was it.

I started doing research, then one of my colleagues at work who knew my intentions introduced me to another colleague who happens to be a blogger. And that was how my journey into blogging started.

He introduced me to the hosting company that he was using, ( Name cheap) at the time, name cheap was doing a promo, 50% off. So I used the opportunity to buy a hosting plan. And that was how I started.

So back to the reason for this article. After I bought the hosting plan, with the help of my colleague, I started learning how to use the wordpress website. I also started writing articles. In two months, I had written over 30 unique articles with unique images. Most of which I used my own pics. And then in the food section, I took pictures of every procedure.

When I felt that it was time for me to apply for google adsense, I started studying google adsense policies. I studied Google Adsense policies very well and made sure that I wasn’t going against their rules.

And then just within three months, I applied for adsense, and God helping me, my site was approved almost immediately.

The bottom line is, for you to get adsense approval, just don’t go against their policies, if you are able to keep 80% of what is written in their policy, you will be fine.

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