How I stopped a woman from falling whenever my pastor starts worshiping.


This Made me laugh. A post from a fb friend. Aside the laughter, food for thought! May God grant us discernment! 😱😂😂🤣🤣🤣*


How I stopped a woman from falling whenever my pastor starts worshiping. 🙄.


I pray my church members don’t read this. 😒. But I need to make a confession.


One of the wonderful things about being an usher in my church is that every Tuesday and Sunday we go home with body pains from catching people to stop them from hitting the ground. And stopping them from scattering everywhere. But miraculously, the pains disappear the next day.


Also, we have to worship and pray with our eyes open and master the art of connecting while being distracted.


When I joined the unit newly, I’m a very observant person.

I noticed this woman that once the pastor climbs pulpit to start worshiping, voom, aunty is already falling under anointing.

She is big and keeps giving the ushers a hard time. Because she’ll fall 10times while scattering everywhere.


The ushers are always around to make sure no one hits the ground.


On this fateful day, I was stationed close to her.

  1. Ij have started worshiping and boom, aunty was going to fall.

Me and one other tiny usher caught her.

And tried to calm her down. But she won’t have any of it.

The tiny usher even got flung to the ground by her.

So I vex.

Worship was still ongoing and people were falling everywhere so I told the tiny usher to go help another usher while I stay with this over falling aunty.

Aunty stood up and before I could say Jack, she was going to fall again because she knew I was behind her.


Well, this time around I shifted and let her fall.

Let’s say, it’s been 2 months now and aunty no longer falls under the anointing.

I’m sure her body explained to her what we ushers go through that day she hit the floor.


I’m not mischievous.

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