A woman who has been believing God for the fruit of the womb, took to Facebook to ask for prayers.


A woman identified as Helen, a member of a Facebook group called once a mum always a mum, who has been believing God for the fruit of the womb, has taken to Facebook to ask mothers in the group to pray for her so that she can conceive. Read her story below.


Good evening mummy Helen. So sorry for disturbing you. Please help me to post this picture and the write up. I have been believing God for the fruits of the womb.

I have gone through a lot including surgeries on my fallopian tubes and ovaries. I have taken all the prescription from my gyne. Yet I haven’t conceived yet.

I no longer go to my husband’s office, if at all I visit, I will be made to confine myself to a place where nobody enters until am ready to leave because my hubby has been insulted because we don’t have children yet.

I could remember an old man that comes to my husband’s office telling him that “HE WILL NOT ASK HIM ABOUT HIS FAMILY, BECAUSE HE DOESN’T HAVE ANY YET” This is just one out of many other insults we have received directly or indirectly.

Am not here because I am tired of praying but because I believe there’s power in a CHAIN PRAYER and in this group as well. I have seen testimonies of other women. Please mummies join me in prayers for my heart is heavy.

I believe that the prayers of the righteous ones here will go a long way for me. I must birth my triplets 2 boys and a girl this year. This is their lovely names: Zikoraifechukwu, Zimchikachukwu and Zikoranmachukwu. My babies things have been waiting for my “3 Zz” I must surely come back to give my testimony. Please notify me when posted

Below are the items which she has bought for the unborn babies.



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