Two easy different ways of making palm oil in the comfort of your home


In this post, I will show you how to make palm oil in the comfort of your home.There are two methods which you can use to produce palm oil at home.

I learned one from my mum, and the other method from a family friend. Now like they say, everything that has advantage also has a disadvantage.

In the first method, the advantage is that it takes less time to cook. But the disadvantage is that, it consumes a lot of water.

Now the advantage of the second method is that, it consumes less water but takes a longer time to cook. Anyways, I will show you both methods, so you can decide which is most suitable for you. This process does not require much.

The items you need are;

Palm fruit

Mortar and pestle

Pot ( the quantity of the palm fruit will determine the size of the pot)





But in this post, I will also show you how you can make palm oil without a mortar and a pestle.

Just follow these simple steps:

Method 1.

Put a basket of palm fruit in a pot large enough to contain it.

Pour water into the pot. The water should cover the palm fruit.

Boil until soft.

Drain the water out, and allow to cool a little.

Mash the palm fruit with your hands very well, add cold water and mash again for about 20 minutes.

Fill another basin with water, gradually take part of the mashed palm fruits and put into the fresh water.

Remove the chaff and the nut with a sieve.

Repeat the process until all the mashed palm fruit is finished.

Pour the liquid into a large pot and cook. After sometime, the oil will begin to float on top.

Use a clean plate and gradually fetch it.

Allow to boil again for a few minutes and repeat the process until there’s no more palm oil in the pot.

Method 2:

The process is similar to method one. Except that after you have finished removing the chaff and nut from the basin which you filled with fresh water, then use you hand to take the oil and pour into a pot.

Repeat the process until you have finished washing the mashed palm fruit.

Then put the pot on the fire and cook until the water in the pot is completely dried up.

Allow to cool, then pour into a container.


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