Every redeemed soul is a potential star.


Faith is a spiritual force. It is a practical expression of confidence in God.

Genesis 12:1-4

Faith is an act motivated by the word.

You are not born to be pitied, rather you are born to be envied.

Faith is obeying God.  It is a concrete force.

If you know who you are in Christ, you will speak with authority.

Faith is not a dormant force, it is a violent one.

Matt 11:12

Why we need to have a violent faith

  1. Because they will always be a red Sea for us to cross.

The two branch of wine that triggers violent faith

1. The vision wine; Genuine visionaries are unstoppable.

2. The love wine; If you say you love someone, you will defend the person to the last. If you love God, you will win souls for him.

If you love God, your faith must show it and you will obey his word. True love triggers violent faith.


Characteristics of violent faith

It carries a more than conquerors disposition in battle.

It is authoritative in nature.

Mark 4:39

You cannot have a poverty mentality and prosper.

You need to have the over comers mentality.

Every redeemed soul is a potential star.


Convent channels for business breakthrough

  1. Honour thy parents


  1. Paying your tight.


  1. Giving help to the needy and the poor.


  1. Participating in kingdom promotion


  1. Giving to prophets.




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