Six reasons why many businesses fail.


1.Limited knowledge about the business: 

Many don’t know enough in the business they are doing. You need to know the business you are doing well. That is

why companies send their staff on trainings. If you are a hair stylist for instance and you don’t do people’s hair well,

they will not come back.

2. It is not every need that you must meet:

You must not meet every need, otherwise it will kill your business. Some people just don’t want to work, they just

like to be a liability.

3. Living above your means:

Many live above their means. Live within your limits. Rent a house that is within your level. Wear clothes that is

within your limits. Focus on your needs and not your wants.

4. Avoid gambling:

This is one of the silent killers of business. It makes you believe that any money you put into it, you will make 10

times that amount when you win. Now one bad thing about gambling is that, when you loose, you console yourself

that next time you will win and recover all that you have lost. And then it goes on and on like that. And if luck is not

on your side, you may end up loosing your business capital.

5. Addiction to drugs:

If you want your business to grow, then you have to stay away from drugs, because drugs has a certain spirit that

goes  with it. Once you start, it’s difficult to stop and once you can’t stop, it becomes addiction. And once you are

addicted  to drugs, your business will definitely go down, because you will want to take it all the time, and it is not


6. Avoid womanising: Women are not cheap.

Womanising is also another business silent killer. So if you want your business to grow, you must stay away from



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