How to make Nigerian pancakes aka Diet


Pancakes also referred to as diet in some part of Nigeria, is a delicious snacks that can be eaten with custard, pap, coffee, tea or cocoa.


Below is how to make pancakes in Nigeria.




1. 1 cup of Flour


2. 2 fresh Eggs


3. 1 cooking spoon Vegetable oil


4. Salt to taste


5. 2 table spoon Sugar


6. Ground pepper


7. Water


8. Liquid milk





1. Break eggs in to a bowl and add the vegetable oil and salt and beat till smooth. Then add a little water and set aside.


2. Sieve flour to remove any form of dirt.


3. Add the flour to the eggs and mix very well.


4. Add sugar to the liquid milk and mix very well.


5. Add the milk and the ground pepper to the flour and egg mixture and mix well. Then add more water if need be and mix again.


6. Put a frying pan on the fire, add a little vegetable oil and allow to heat for 5 seconds on a low heat. Then take a little of the flour mixture with a cooking spoon and fry until brown, flip to the other side repeat the process.


7. Serve with custard, pap, tea, cocoa or coffee.


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