Fear will open a doorway for the enemy to strike.


Heb. 12:25-28

There is a shaking going on in the world right now, but this certainly is not the ultimate shaking. Whenever, there is a shaking like this, God takes advantage of it to purify His church and set our priorities aright. If you have been playing Church, this current shaking should refine your faith.

The Church has been distracted by a lot of things. This shaking should  recalibrate us for kingdom priorities.

What matters in the heart of God is not so much what matters to Christians anymore.

For many God has been reduced to a tool to have their selfish desires met. When in fact we were created to meet His heart desires.

This shaking is bringing the world to a point where what really matters to God will matter (Salvation). As it stands now, the world is not as desirous of amassing wealth as much as surviving.

This shaking, has no respect of persons, status or class. However, God has a way of escape sufficient for all in *Christ* For those in Christ will be safe and preserved.

It is because of the Church this virus will not wipe out the entire world. The Church is the preservation of the earth. It is by the church, God resists the devil and aborts his plans on the earth.

The church is Gods law enforcement agent on the earth. The Church must therefore, put away fear, arise in faith and take her place as restorers of hope to the world.

1 Tim. 1:18.

As Gods law enforcement agents, we must be ready to by the precious promises of God to us contend for our Faith.

The number one enemy of Faith is Fear and that’s what the enemy is trying to push into our hearts, so we can loose confidence in God and trust in what man can make available.

We are at war church. The words of prophecy and promises of God deposited in you should be drawn on for warfare. This warfare is a battle of contending for your faith. Will you walk by Faith or rather walk in fear.

Fear will open a doorway for the enemy to strike. It is not the wealth and physical things of the people that’s the goal. It’s your faith. The enemy’s target is your trust in God. He wants you to get to a point where you can’t depend on God to save you from the hour of trouble.

Take a hold on the promises of God and fight to retain Faith and starve the fear. Your help is not external but within.

1 John 4:4 The only thing that is guaranteed to keep you through it all is your Faith not your location.

1John 5:4 You belong to God, its Gods duty to keep you.

So fear not! Resist the devil. Resist his schemes. Isaiah 8:12

The admonition of the Lord is don’t fear their fears. Don’t give attention to, dwell or focus on them. You need an experience of God in the area of courage and boldness In the midst of panic, the Church will stand strong.

Don’t sponsor or advance bad news.

Don’t propagate bad news.

One of the things that should not shake is your faith.

1 John 5:4

The “world” is panic mode, but the Church has overcome whatever the world can through at it already.

1 John 4:4

1 John 5:4


  1. Your belief system(Trust, dependence)
  2. The doctrine or body of truth that Christ has committed to us.

The body of truth (doctrine) you have must be accurate, so that you can stand firm.

Any doctrine that’s not in line with God’s truth, don’t entertain it.

Many false preachers will take advantage of the gullible and fear this period.

They will exploit them because the people lack accurate doctrine.

Many will be asked to do things that have no bearing with Gods revealed truth all in the name of help.

Don’t entertain fear.

Don’t be moved or shaken by these things.

James 4:7

Resist the devil. Don’t give him room to mess your mind up.

2 Samuel 23:8-

Reveals certain men, that stood courageous in the midst of dreadful circumstances

It doesn’t matter what comes against you. Stand strong. Starve the fear. David was not a warrior from his youth.

It’s not your skill that will preserve you… it’s where your faith lies. David in turn raised men that trusted in God rather than the arm of flesh and skill.

Safety precautions are good, we recommend them but don’t trust in them.

Trust in God who calls you His own. Samuel, the prophet of God taught David to know God. David came into great depths with God, because he was raised by God’s prophet.

1 Samuel 7:13-14 Samuel knew God. All his life there was peace in Israel.

So, Paul reminded Timothy to make war by knowledge.

“They that know their God shall be strong, and they shall do exploits.”

2 Samuel 23:10-12

It is the Lord who wrought great victory, not the sword. The greatest weapon of the enemy is fear.

In a season of plague, fight fear. Sleep at night like a baby.

2 Samuel 23:12

He stood in the midst of lentils. The implication was that he stood alone in a field without defences, yet the Lord wrought the victory.

These things are recorded for us to draw strength from, that if He (God) did it before, He can do it again.

2 Samuel 23:13-24

The Lord delivers by instruction. You must know Him enough to hear his instruction. He will tell you when to sit, stand, walk or run. How can you hear Him if you don’t know His promises?

You can do the impossible even in this time of plague, because it’s not you but God who wrought the victory.

Romans. 8:28-38

Vs 28: ” *We know* …”

You can make a good warfare, by the promises that have gone ahead of you. There’s more to come. This plague is to train you for greater challenges.

However, all things work together for your good. Keep sharing information that will strengthen people and give them hope.

Don’t use your space to share fear and panic.

Don’t sponsor the enemy’s agenda with your resources and social media platforms

Spread the news of Gods way of escape and by it restore hope to many.

We must learn the power of the secret place.

We will pray like never before and build a firewall of protection around ourselves, church of God and loved ones.

We will pray for mercy for the world, that many will come to know the salvation of the Lord.

We will pray that our hearts will be circumcised again and our priorities set aright.

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