Woman shares her pain as hubby remarries while she was in the hospital with their baby.


A woman took to facebook to shares her pain as her hubby remarries while she was in the hospital with their baby.

She shared her story on a facebook group called ONCE A MUM ALWAYS A MUM.

Read story below;

Good evening ma, I really don’t know where to start but I will make it very short as possible. Cos my heart is broken & my health is at stake!

Pls my fellow mums what can u make out of this; you have a baby that has medical complications and you have in & out of d hospital across d country only for you to return & get d shocker of your life!

Your husband welcomes you d next day after your arrival that he has married a second wife who is already pregnant secretly, all his family members know, but said nothing.

Meanwhile while I was in d hospital in another state we were communicating well he even said he doesn’t have d money for d urgent surgery (1.6m) but God helped through my family members & church no dime from him or family!

The only crime you committed is that u have all girls with 4 C Section! Oh God help me heal me from this pain the betrayal is too much!!

Pls my mums encourage & pray for a devastated mother! I have been praying & I know God will definitely intervene! Chai imagine a strange woman of 26 years old married a man with 17 years difference.

A home I built from nothing to where God has placed him for over 10yrs now he spent millions of naira to remarry without a blink of an eye lid! Note I’m fully married to him. My heart bleeds how do I handle this oo oh God answer your daughter Chai!!! I don’t know if I should write her name in fact I don’t even know her! Ma pls hide my ID thanks.


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