Testimony!!! Woman gives birth to triplets for the first time at age 50 after waiting for so many years.

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I gave birth to beautiful triplet boys on January 22nd 2020. They are my first children and first pregnancy ever. What a wonderful 50th birthday present! At my age, some consider you too old and high risk, especially when having multiples, but I had a good pregnancy.
I did not have morning sickness, I did not have high blood pressure, I did not develop pre eclampsia, I did not have gestational diabetes nor did I develop any of the other illnesses associated with pregnancy at my age and I was not admitted in the hospital months before delivery as some said I would.
I went to the hospital on Friday January 17th and delivered on Wednesday January 22nd. Post pregnancy is another miracle on it’s own, my body is snapping back into shape so quickly its unbelievable.
I’m almost back to my normal size in 2 months I am usually a silent observer on this platform but I feel strongly that this may change someone’s life. This is to encourage those who have given up or on the verge of giving up.
If you want something in life, do not let age, stigmas or statistics discourage you. It’s never too late. Mountains can move if you just hang on, believe that you are going to have that thing without doubting or giving up.
It may take days, weeks, months or years but I promise you it will happen. You’ll need to play your part as well and prepare your body by exercising and eating well. Do your research on the do’s and don’ts.
Special thanks to my husband who toiled and took extremely good care of me pre and post delivery, you deserve the husband of the year award. Special thanks to family and friends for their unconditional love.
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