The news I read about a 15 year old girl who was stabbed to death by her father’s friend who attempted to rape her prompted me to share this.


My dad loves me a lot and protected me as much as he could while I was under his roof. Much so that, whenever there was a large family gathering like a wedding or burial that involves a lot of people, my dad monitors my movement like an eagle. I might be quite a distance from him and while I naively thought I had dodged his ever gazing eyes, he would send someone to come get me and he’ll make me sit by his side… Guess what I was doing before he sent for me? I was probably talking to a guy….. Yea, so he saw it.

Now to my point.

On one of such night parties in Ekiti, one of my dad’s friends whom I don’t see except at parties like this, came close to me and was dancing with me. I danced with him courteously as a daughter and in the middle of that, he brought out his phone that I should type my number( I was 16, in 100 level then). I hesitated and looked at him curiously. He then said, don’t you know me, I’m your dad’s friend
My look was like…. And so what?
Immediately, my dad was by my side asking me to get inside that it was late(he had been watching every move) . I didn’t know what happened after that between them but I know I never saw that man again at subsequent parties.

The next person was a political associate of my dad’s. This time, I was through with service and was waiting for my MSc admission, so I went to spend sometime with my dad in Ekiti… He was based there at the time cos of politics.

This particular man came to our place and I served him food. I saw the looks in his eyes that and I understood his intentions,so I smiled in my mind that “this one wants my father to kill him abi” ?

This is someone who only comes to see dad once a week, now he comes everyday. I served him meals each day and whenever my dad was out of sight, he’ll begin a conversation. He started with fatherly advise at first and later graduated to academic talks then personal talks.

He didn’t know my dad had been noticing. He asked for my number in the presence of my dad, and I have him… Under the guise that he was running his PhD at the University where I wanted to do my masters, so he intended to be checking on me as a father whenever he was around… OK o.

He started sending recharge cards, calling me, even asked for my account number, in the presence of my dad… .he said, he’ll like to be sending me small small change… As per daddy now.

One day, my dad wasn’t home and he came around. I told him to call my dad and he said he did but couldn’t get through. So he said he’ll wait. I made him comfortable and I excused him. Some minutes later, he called me and said did I want him to feel lonely? That I should come and chat with him…. That was how this man started toasting me o and told me he’ll take care of me. I’ll not lack anything (as if told him I lacked something). He also said I shouldn’t tell dad… Ehn, my dad that already knows?

Daddy came in and met him and I could see the fire in his eyes. I excused them but stayed close to eavesdrop. My dad asked him what he came to do in his house after he had called him and told him he won’t be home… Ghen Ghen… Uncle was speechless.

My dad said “You think I don’t see how you look at my daughter?, I don’t want to ever see you in my house again”. Na so uncle Waka comot o.

My dad called me and asked that I delete his number immediately and if he ever calls me, I should tell him… Of course dad, I would. Two days later, he called me and was lashing out at me that he thought I was mature, why would I tell my dad what he said… Bla Bla Bla… Ha, mature ke… Me, I’m still a child o. I owe you no explanation sir. I just cut the call and blocked his line… That is the end of Solomon Grandhe.

Beware of evil predators in the guise of family friends or big daddies. Some are abusers
I see you all

Picture : my dad and I

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