That day was the last day Marvis came to church. So many people wondered why she stopped coming to church, but Isaiah and I knew exactly why. And though I was not happy that she had to stop church just to show me how much she was unhappy, there was nothing I could do.

Preparations for my wedding had already started and it was only few weeks left. One evening I was busy arranging the cards according to the persons I wanted to invite for my wedding, and then I hears the door bell ring. I stood to open and low and behind it was Marvis.

Marvis: Dani hi, (she said all full of smile)

Me: (was very shocked because I know how we parted the last time we saw.) Marvis, what are you doing here?

Marvis: Is that the welcome you are suppose to give a friend?

Me: am so sorry, please come in.

Marvis: thank you. (She comes in and takes her seat)

Me: Marvis where have you been? You just disappeared without any trace.

Marvis: Dani am so sorry about that. Infact it is the major reasons am here.

Me: really? I asked adjusting my seats.

Marvis: I came to apologise to you and brother Isaiah for my outburst the other day, It was uncalled for and I am so sorry. I owe you Dani my heartfelt apology. Please accept it.

Me: its okay Marvis, we don’t chose for our hearts who they chose to love. So its okay.

Marvis: you mean you no longer angry with me?

Me: No Marvis its ok.

Marvis: wow Dani you are really an angel ( she rushes to me and gives me a tight hug, I felt like she would never let me go, but finally she did.) Am really so grateful to you. Where is brother Isaiah I need to apologise to him too

Me: oh he went out but will soon be back.

Marvis: in an hour will he be back?

Me: yes he should be back by then.

Marvis: okay I will check him up on my way out so I can tell him sorry too.

Me : that’s ok.

Marvis: I hope you are okay with it o,

Me: of course I am no problem sister Marvis.

Marvis: And you ain’t scared that I will try to steal your man?

Me: No am not.

Marvis: why is that?

Me: because I trust my man.

Sister Marvis smiles and looked at me.

Marvis: its alright Dani, see you later.

Me: no problem Marvis. Bye

Marvis: bye

She greeted me and walks off and i stood as I pitied her.

The next day being a Sunday I decided to stop at Isaiah’s place so that we can go to church together as usual. When I got there, I felt the atmosphere was not fair but I couldn’t ace my hand on anything. I looked around me of anything or anyone was around but I saw no one. And so I just knocked on the door. I could hear Isaiah from inside, I know he was fully ready for church. I knocked again and then he ran to the door and opened. He was looking like the kind of man I would be proud of as my husband. Sharp and handsome. I smiled as I imagined so many things on my head. I couldn’t wait for Saturday to come to finally say I do to him.

Me: Good morning handsome, ”I said beaming with smiles.

Isaiah: Jesus Christ, something is smelling. What is smelling around here.

I turned and looked around me but couldn’t find anything, I could not even smell whatever it was that was smelling so bad that Isaiah had to cover his nose. He also walked passed me and looked around but didnt see anything.

Me: I can’t smell anything o dear. I only came to see if you were already dressed so that we can go to church together.

Isaiah: oh honey, I dont think you can wait for me today. (He runs inside and carried his Bible and a jotter and handed it over to me.) Take these and keep a very good seat for me beside you ok? (He said smiling)

Me: But you are already dressed. Let’s go together let’s chat along the way. You know our wedding is Saturday and I won’t be around till that day. I will be going to my parents place from church and we won’t be seeing until that day. So please let’s use this opportunity to chat before I leave.

Isaiah: I know all of this honey, but am having a running stomach and you won’t be able to wait for me and I dont want you to be late for church so please go ahead and I will join you okay? ( he gave me a kiss on my head forcing me to smile). I will join you soonest sweetheart. Dont worry.

Me: its alright, but can’t I stay and take care of you? I dont mind o.

Isaiah: see my sweetheart worrying over me (he said jokingly) Dont worry dear, I am fine and I will join u later.

Me: okay ( I said disappointed.)

I really wanted us to walk hand in hand to church and now this. I walked away quietly, I will wait for him in church and ask him if Marvis visited him and what she said. I have a lot of things to discuss with him before going over to my parents house. I smiled to myself as I remembered how sharp he was looking when he came out of the house. I started singing to God who made it possible for him to be mine.

I was constantly turning back to see if my Isaiah would walk into the church, but unfortunately he didnt. I was beginning to worry what might have gone wrong. All through the service there was not a moment where I concentrated. And so when it was over, I hurriedly left the church and went over to his house. When I got to his house I knocked and knocked but there was no response.

I would have sworn that he was inside because his shoes were still outside exactly where it was when I came in the morning, but surprisingly he was not responded. I thought he must have gone somewhere, and so I brought out my phone and tried to call him and then he started cutting my calls. I called and called and there was no response and so I stopped. I waited for about an hour, there was no call from him and he was not coming back and so i picked myself up and left.

I didnt hear from Isaiah for two days and I was worried sick and the next day. All I got was a text from him that reads. ” hey dear how are you? Had to travel for an urgent ministration out of town. Will be back by Friday”

Me: really? Friday?

Then I picked my phone and sent a text. ”Baby what’s up? For crying out loud, our wedding is Saturday. Why Friday.
And then he replied!

“Dont worry by Friday I’d be back for our wedding.”

I was surprised angry and shocked.

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