Earn up to100k monthly as an online agent


Interested in becoming an online agent? Send an email to youthwinconnect@gmail.com with Agent as the subject of the mail.

Job description for Agents
1. To register members on the site and make sure the site is always lively.

2. Advertise the our products and services on social media.

3. You will be given a code which you will give to everyone you register to add to their username. This code would be used to identify the number of people you have registered and also track their participation.

1. For every 10 persons that you register, you will get a commission of #100

Note: This persons have to login everyday and drop a comment, drop an article or something.


Answer the following interview questions and include in the body of the mail.

Job interview questions for agents

full name. (Surname first)

Country of Origin( Also include your state of origin)

Residential address

Contact address

Date of birth


Email address

Phone number

Educational qualification

Job experience

Have you worked as an agent before? If yes, tell us about it.

How long have you worked as an agent?

How much do you want to be paid as an agent?

Do you have a Twitter account? If yes, how many Twitter followers do you have?

Do you have a Facebook account?

How many facebook friends do you have?

Do you have an Instagram account?

How many followers do you have?

How strong is your social media presence?


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